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Illustration of a duck egg
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How To Wash A Fresh Egg

Learn a safe and easy way to clean your duck eggs.

Step 1

Turn on your faucet and run the water until it's warmer than the egg's temperature.

Pro Tip → Don't soak your eggs in a bowl of water.

Step 2

Gently rinse the egg under
the warm running water.

Pro Tip → Colder water creates
a suction in 
the shell's pores pulling bacteria in from the surface.

Illustration of a faucet with water coming out
Illustration of a wood handle bristle brush to clean duck eggs

Step 3

Use a soft bristled brush for stubborn
bits and pieces. Don't use soap!

Pro Tip → The "bloom" is a protective
outer coating that helps keep bacteria
and moisture out. 

illustration of a dish towel to dry off duck egg

Step 5

Store clean, dry eggs in a carton
or egg holder in the refrigerator.

Pro Tip → How old are those eggs in the back? Use our easy
egg age test to find out.

Step 4

Immediately dry the egg off with a cloth or paper towel.

illustration of an egg carton with duck eggs in it
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